Why Coding should be your New Year’s Resolution in 2022!

A new year represents fresh opportunities for many people. It feels like a new beginning, and the desire to improve and succeed is at an all-time high.

A new year represents fresh opportunities for many people. It feels like a new beginning, and the desire to improve and succeed is at an all-time high. Much of this is due to the fact that, following the craziness of the holidays and reflecting on the year that has passed us by, we can take a brief respite before returning to our routine — which, in many cases, we would like to change.

Resolutions aren’t a new concept. They’ve been around for a long time, and while many individuals make resolutions that they don’t keep, the principle behind the resolve is what we value. We should all strive to improve, grow, and evolve to be a better version of ourselves throughout our lives. It keeps everyone going forward and adjusting, which I believe is crucial. It also allows us to reflect on our life and determine what we are content with and what we would like to change.

You’ve probably read about why and how coding is important for a company’s future, and many of the themes in this article will overlap! However, there are a few essential aspects concerning the importance of learning to code in the future year that we’d like to discuss.

An Invaluable Skill — For Free?
While many people enrol in a coding bootcamp or pursue a computer science degree more extensively, many people are now finding work as developers after self-teaching utilising free online resources.

Before everyone begins debating the merits of the various paths in the comments, it’s important to note that each road is unique and serves a distinct purpose. On the surface, the paths of a CS degree holder and a self-taught developer appear to be similar, yet they are often very different in practice. Your preferred career, job, and level of proficiency in specific areas will all influence how you study and gain skills.

What do you want to learn?
That is mainly dependent on your chosen professional path! If you want to do web development, you should study JavaScript and a backend language like Python. However, if you want to do app development, you should learn JavaScript rather than React Native!

There are a lot of sectors in the computer business that demand completely different stacks, languages, and sets of skills, so do some study to see what you’re most interested in. The good news is that these languages frequently overlap between fields, so you can change your mind or change your course without having to start from scratch!

The Industry as a Whole
Let’s talk about the industry and the driving passion that motivates many people to work in it. There is a lot of discussion about remuneration and independence in the computer industry. Being a developer is sometimes portrayed as a profitable career path, which is often the case. The opportunity to make money is unquestionably present. In comparison to other industries, it is also a fairly flexible career choice because firms are more tolerant with schedules, vacation, and where you work.

Learning to code can be a challenging experience at times. Languages have syntactical principles, but putting them into practice involves imagination, problem-solving, and innovation, which is half the fun!

Overall, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages, as with any industry, but get started if you’re interested in learning to code! You get to choose how you feel along the road, it’s a valuable skill regardless of which path you follow, and you get to be a part of an amazing online community.

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