Unfolding the future of Cloud Testing- Exploring the exciting possibilities

3 min readMar 17, 2023

The future of cloud testing is anticipated to be affected by increasing cloud adoption trends and cloud-based software development practices. Learn about cloud testing in detail and what the future holds.

By Mudit Singh

Cloud testing involves validating the software’s quality in different test environments. Its future seems dependent on the ability of cloud-sourcing technology to make bug-free applications.

Learn about cloud testing in detail and what the future holds.

What is cloud testing?
Cloud testing is an approach to software testing for a web or mobile application. Here, we test the applications’ reliability, scalability, and performance.

  • Delivers robust services and eliminates data defalcation.
  • Offers unlimited storage, scalability of resources, and a flexible and distributed testing environment.
  • Simulates real-world traffic to lower the cost of testing by utilising the “pay-per-use feature” of the cloud.

Features of Cloud testing
To meet the demand for software testing in line with the development of complex software, the future of cloud testing is likely to see the below-mentioned developments in its features:

Adoption of DevOps
Cloud testing currently focuses on DevOps adoption for faster software delivery. In the future, strengthening the DevOps approach is expected to allow a shift towards a more Agile and automated testing method.

More sophisticated testing environments
Cloud testing will see the development of more complex and sophisticated testing environments. It will allow the replication of real-world conditions and scenarios.

Even though, currently, cloud testing offers quick testing in multiple environments. With cloud testing, you can test the application on various platforms and devices in no time.

Increased use of virtual and augmented reality
Currently, advancements in virtual and augmented reality technologies have modified the software testing approach. It provides the infrastructure and resources required for testing systems at scale and in real-world conditions. Cloud testing is likely to incorporate such technologies to develop realistic testing environments.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning in cloud testing could revolutionise the software testing approach in the future. It will improve test accuracy and minimise manual testing efforts by automating many tasks like test data management and test case generation. Further, cloud testing will include testing for risks like SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS).

What does the future hold for cloud testing?
The future of cloud testing is anticipated to be affected by increasing cloud adoption trends and cloud-based software development practices. Below are some key trends that will shape the future of cloud testing:

Increase in automation testing
Considering the rise of DevOps and the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline, the future of cloud testing could shape the automation testing process. In cloud testing, such developments will emphasise more on automation rather than manual efforts. Thus, the dependency on manual testing could be lowered.

Multi-cloud testing
Organisations’ increase in leveraging multiple cloud providers indicates the need for multiple-cloud testing ability. This is required to ensure interoperability and compatibility across the diverse cloud environment. Addressing the adoption of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies, cloud testing would be the foremost chosen solution to enable testing across multiple cloud platforms.

Edge computing testing
Edge computing testing involves testing applications on edge computing devices like IoT devices, fog nodes, and edge gateways. In the future, the tremendous growth of edge computing testing marks a clear path for cloud testing.

Security and privacy testing
Cloud testing will likely include Hybrid-cloud and Multi-cloud, so the growth of security and privacy testing is needed. Therefore, cloud testing tends to improve its security and privacy through AI and Machine Learning.

Integration with AI and ML
Integrating AI and ML will play a significant role in cloud testing and improve the accuracy and efficiency of the testing process. It will help identify risks and issues rapidly.

Cloud testing is under constant evolution and brings new opportunities. Overall, the future of cloud testing is rising positively, noted by an increase in automation, security, compliance, and integration of technologies like AI and edge computing IoT. With cloud testing, you can leverage positive experience in software testing.

The author of this article is Director — Marketing and Growth, LambdaTest

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