Steps to become a successful freelance data analyst

2 min readMar 22, 2023

Now when it comes to earnings, a skilled freelance data analyst can earn $10-$500 per hour but this depends upon the location your experience and your skill set.

A freelancer is a person who undertakes tasks and contracts from businesses and organisations but who is ultimately hired by themselves. You may do so and make money while sitting at home.

And if you are a data analyst, which is an in-demand profession and will grow many folds in the future, then the situation for you will be more lucrative and positive.

Data analysts require excellent computer skills as well as analytical capabilities that enable them to make sense of data points without having any prior understanding of their significance. They also need to be able to evaluate the findings and offer ideas for how to make operations better.

Now when it comes to earnings, a skilled freelance data analyst can earn $10-$500 per hour but this depends upon the location your experience, and your skill set. If you are a highly qualified data analyst, there is no upper limit to how much money you can make as a freelancer. Even people make more than Rs 3,000,00 per month!

But now the main question is how you can become a freelancer. Don’t worry we have this for you. This article covers the best steps to becoming a freelancer if you are a data analyst.

How to become a freelancer?

Step 1: Learn the skills required to be a data analyst. At least two skills from Excel, SQL, Python and PowerBI/Tableau would be my recommendation.

Step 2: Build an online portfolio. Create projects and publish them online on GitHub/ your own website. Talk about yourself and your work.

Step 3: Find Freelancer websites and set up your profile.

Step 4: Talk about yourself, your online portfolio and your expectations when setting up these profiles. You would want to be matched with potential clients so market yourself well.

Step 5: Make sure you respond on time, deliver projects on time and maintain a good connection with clients. Once the project ends, take testimonials from clients and put them on your website/ freelancer accounts to attract more clients.

Step 6: Try to work for free for local charities and not-for-profit organisations; this is also the best way to learn and have experience

If you want to earn handsomely as a freelance data analyst then follow these steps.

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