Podcast: How UX/UI design plays a pivotal role in adding value to a business

In the pandemic, people adapted their lives to feel social and connected by adopting new and existing technology. As a result, technology has become an integral part of many decisions. Product companies have a tremendous opportunity to include UX/UI designers as part of the core team with increased tech dependency. The primary purpose of UX/UI is to simplify complexities in products and suggest user-friendly product designs. The value generated through user-focused designs has a direct impact on the ROI. Users who have a positive experience with your product are much more likely to convert into paid customers. In addition, they are likely to transact on your product, recommend your product, and make their work/processes more efficient if it is a B2B tech platform. All of which impact the business and the bottom line.

Tune in and know about UI/UX experience that matters to both developers and businesses from Niraali Parekh, Founder & Creative Director, Bokaap Design.

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