How Code Gladiators has embraced diversity in the coder community

The world’s biggest coding competition creates a buzz each year with huge participation. TechGig Code Gladiators has always been at the forefront of embracing diversity in tech and promoting women’s participation in this mega hackathon.

The IT sector has been expanding and attempting to close the gender gap. Despite currently making up 34% of India’s IT workforce, women are still underrepresented in the STEM field.

Only 20% of women are employed in tech, 80% of women think upskilling is the key to leadership changes in tech, and 55% of women think that taking appropriate upskilling courses and programs may help create a diverse workforce and open up leadership prospects in the tech industry.

The largest coding competition in the world, TechGig Code Gladiators attracts a huge number of participants to cutting-edge hackathons, unconventional concept submissions, and a magnificent award ceremony each year. The third entirely virtual edition of TechGig Code Gladiators was held in 2022, making it the ninth edition overall. 3.34 lakh people registered for Code Gladiators this year, with 58% of them being men and 30% being women.

TechGig Code Gladiators has always been at the forefront of embracing diversity in tech and promoting women’s participation in this mega hackathon.

Every year, Code Gladiators honours the best female coders via a special category award, Code Diva. The award is provided to the top woman participant who has shown exceptional coding skills in the competition. Additionally, Code Gladiators hosts special women-only hackathons in association with our hackathon partners.

Microsoft, this year, introduced the Azure Women’s Hackathon at Code Gladiators. A national-level hackathon for women in technology is called Azure’s Women Hackathon. The hackathon is being held by Microsoft India to inspire female IT workers across the country to begin building apps on the cloud and to get acquainted with cutting-edge tools like AI, ML, Cognitive Services, Serverless, Blockchain, and more.

All Indian women developers and tech enthusiasts showcased their coding prowess and produced software solutions for women’s empowerment in India through this hackathon.

Last year, at Code Gladiators Gayatri Marathe, won the Code Diva award, and the year earlier, Kruti Dharaiya was nominated for the Code Diva.

Gayatri Marathe, the Code Diva winner of Code Gladiators 2021 has said in an interaction with TechGig that participating in Code Gladiators has helped her to showcase her coding skills at the world’s toughest codeathon. It has further helped her to showcase her ideas directly to the top tech leaders and has given her a chance to get selected by the top recruiters. Gayatri is working as a System Engineer at TCS.

The Code Diva 2020 winner, Kruti Dharaiya, also shared her experience with TechGig. She said participating in Code Gladiators has helped her in professional networking as well as has enhanced her coding skills and more importantly, it has helped her to directly interact with top tech leaders to showcase her skills and ideas to them directly.

This year Code Gladiators also witnessed 99,000 women coding participants, which is 54% higher than the previous editions. This shows the strong passion of women coders for technology and is a good indicator of the immense talent that women possess in the IT industry. Thus, we can proudly say that Code Gladiators has encouraged and will continue to encourage women coders to participate in Code Gladiators every year to demonstrate their skills, and share knowledge and ideas with tech leaders directly.

After 125 days of nerve-wracking coding rounds, the power pack 9th edition of the TechGig Code Gladiators is concluding on 29th July 2022. TechGig invites all techies, IT professionals, and budding coders to the grand finale event and award ceremony of the world’s biggest coding competition- TechGig Code Gladiators 2022.

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