How can technology help create innovative solutions for a better world?

4 min readSep 26, 2022

Technology is playing a major role in the evolution of humankind in the 21st century. There are companies that build technology-led solutions to create a better world. Let us take the example of Tietoevry, a leading technology company that creates purposeful technology that reinvents the world for good.

In this fast-evolving world, technology is at the core of every innovation taking place today. We can’t imagine a world without cutting-edge technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, Cloud and Big Data involved, either directly or indirectly, in our day-to-day activities.

Simply put, technology is playing a major role in the evolution of humankind in the 21st century. Hence, what technology should be able to achieve is now more important than what it can. Therefore, there have emerged companies that are building technology-led solutions to create a better world.

How are businesses leveraging technology to build a better world?

It is a common belief that businesses work just for their own profit and not for changing the world. While this may be true for most cases, there still are organizations that are using a blend of technology, innovation, and expertise to change the world for the better.

Let’s take the example of Tietoevry, a leading technology company, that creates purposeful technology that reinvents the world for good.

Tietoevry believes that technology is at the core of modern evolution, impacting businesses and people alike. Our world doesn’t revolve around one digital future anymore — it’s already running on many, with more on the way. So, they aim to use the power of technology to create value for all futures to create a better world where growth and humanity are aligned.

Here are some examples of how Tietoevry is bringing purposeful technology to life —

Mental well-being initiative: Tietoevry applied virtual reality to help adolescents improve mental well-being and built the Virtual Therapy Lab. This was co-created with the help of a child psychotherapist.

Children and Youth initiative: Tietoevry worked with school teenagers and youth on the Polite Type font to disarm bullies one word at a time. This is an initiative against online bullying and ‘The Polite Type’ is an open-source font that rewrites hurtful words, replacing them with more inclusive ones.

Healthcare initiative: Tracheostomy is a hole made through the front of the neck and into the windpipe (trachea) to provide an air passage that helps you breathe when the usual route for breathing is somehow blocked or reduced. Tietoevry is developing a virtual reality-based simulation training environment for nursing staff to gain sufficient confidence in tracheostomy care procedures.

Sustainability initiative: The Sustainability Data Hub initiative from Tietoevry helps to get clear insights on sustainability performance to support decision-making. The Sustainability Data Hub helps to automate the collection of real-time sustainability data to enable real-time action.

Support for Luke: Luke is the National Resource Institute Finland, that conducts research on alternatives to make better use of renewable natural resources. Tietoevry has been supporting Luke with smarter processes and digital solutions to help build a greener tomorrow.

Industry initiatives: Tietoevry has created a connected ecosystem fueling the Industry 4.0 initiative. With proprietary IoT platform implementations, IoT sensor data simulators, multi-protocol adapters and protocol agnostic device clouds, the company is well poised to enable its customers to take the route to Industry 4.0 revolution.

Road Safety Initiative: A road safety training solution for children that uses augmented reality and gamification to help save lives.

Environment initiative: Our unique data-driven simulation solution ‘Virtual Forest’ enables the planning, simulation and, eventually, execution of real operations on forests. It uses Virtual Reality to help new forest owners with the know-how and skills required for professional forest management, which will have a profound effect on the environment.

What is the future?
With technology at the forefront of such groundbreaking innovations, it seems that the world is truly going to be changed for the better. There are technology companies like Tietoevry who have been working day and night to build a sustainable and human-friendly world.

You can read Tietoevry’s Sustainability Report or visit the company website to learn about their Sustainability game plan 2023 and the ways in which they are reinventing the world for good. Explore the areas that align with your interests and see how you can join and contribute to these initiatives.




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