Can Artificial Intelligence detect and cure diseases

Indian healthcare AI startup, incubated at IIT Bombay in 2018, helps to automatically detect abnormalities and diseases, via AI algorithms.

AI techniques are sending vast waves across healthcare, even fuelling an active discussion of whether AI doctors will eventually replace human physicians in the future. The likelihood of human physicians being replaced by machines in the foreseeable future is highly unlikely, but AI can definitely assist physicians to make better clinical decisions or even replace human judgement in certain functional areas of healthcare (eg, radiology).

The rapid development of big data analytic methods combined with the increasing availability of healthcare data has made possible the recent successful applications of AI in healthcare.

Indian healthcare AI startup, Endimension , incubated at IIT Bombay in 2018, has raised Rs 2.3 crore in a seed round from Inflection Point Ventures, an angel investment platform.

The startup stands with an in-house AI technology team with combined experience of over 35 years. The AI platform of the startup helps to automatically detect abnormalities and diseases, via AI algorithms from medical scans, so as to reduce patient misdiagnosis and increase Radiologists’ efficiency.

“Cutting edge technologies are being used in many complex treatments and surgeries. These are early days for application of AI and ML at the diagnostic stage, not only in India but worldwide. Many companies are working on building intelligence for different body parts which shows the opportunity at play here. The use cases range from providing teleradiology services to medical institutions in the west to supporting lack of infrastructure in remote parts of India,” Eddimension CEO said

According to the startup, the global AI in medical diagnostics market is projected to reach $3800 million by 2025 from $500 million in 2020, growing at a CAGR of 50.2 percent during the forecast period.



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