As cyberattacks become common, narrow the existing skill gap by learning how to assess risk and improve defenses through MIT xPRO’s Post Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity.

India is topping the charts when it comes to cyberattacks around the continent. According to the State of Cybersecurity, ISACA, 2021, 32% of Indian…

Crypto appears to be here to stay, from cryptocurrencies to NFTs, but is that a good thing? The majority of crypto discussions are led by persons who have a specific financial stack. Anyone looking for relevant information will find this site extremely difficult to navigate.

In this video, we discuss “how cryptocurrency affects our money system and how it will revolutionize everything.”

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With technology expediting at such an accelerated pace, we have been introduced to so many new-edge technologies. One of these is robotics. With its tremendous adoption, the robotics industry has a plethora of opportunities and in today’s conversation, we will discuss all you need to know about the career options available in robotics.

TechGig spoke to Milind Padole, Managing Director of Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd to understand the career opportunities and future prospects of robotics. Listen to this interesting conversation.


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