7 Habits of highly effective programmers

Highly Effective People’s 7 Habits is a fantastic, thought-provoking book that attempts to distill life’s most difficult problems and challenges into a few practices and concepts. Could adopt these behaviors help us become more productive programmers? These habits help us save time and energy in our daily lives and are critical to the overall quality and completion of our daily duties.

The practices listed below can help you improve your ability and make it more effective.

1st Habit. The first habit is to be proactive
First habit is proactivity, or taking charge of your life rather than allowing circumstances and circumstances to dictate who you are and what you do. We can be proactive at work by attempting to make things happen. Have the talk with your manager if you want your team to adopt agile principles, TDD, or continuous integration.

2nd Habit: Always start with the end in mind
Understanding where we want to go. The ‘end’ to remember is typically determined by our customers’ needs, but also by our understanding that systems must be straightforward to maintain in the long run. Will we, or someone else, come to regret implementing a hasty and dirty solution in the future?

3rd Habit: Prioritize What Matters Most
Habit 3 encourages us to devote sufficient time to the things that matter to us. We shouldn’t overlook jobs or goals that are significant but not urgent, or ‘quadrant 2’ chores.

4th Habit: Think in terms of win-win situations.
The following four behaviors are more about our interpersonal interactions than self-management. The practice of thinking win-win leads us to ideas that benefit all parties involved, including ourselves.

5th Habit: Seek to Understand First, Then to Be Understood
We will undoubtedly meet circumstances at work and in life where our perspectives differ from those of others. Habit 5 indicates that before attempting to persuade someone else to see our point of view, we should first endeavor to understand theirs.

6th Habit: Collaborate
The concepts of synergy stated by habit 6 are regularly practiced by well-run, agile teams. We start each sprint by identifying what we want to accomplish and how we’ll do it together. We look back at the conclusion of each sprint to see how we can enhance our processes.

Code reviews bring two programmers together to create a product that is likely better than any of them could have created on their own.

7th Habit: Sharpen Your Saw
The final of habits emphasizes the necessity of self-care and development. It is these renewal ideas. Regular exercise, taking at least one vacation every year, watching football with friends, and reading about programming and listening to podcasts are all instances.

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