5 IT services will grow at the fastest speed in 2022

Worldwide IT spending will hit $4.47 trillion in 2022. Here’s the projected spending growth rate and dollars expected in various IT services.

The world’s demand for IT products and services — from data centre systems and software to communication services — will grow by 5.5% in 2022. Global IT spending will hit $4.47 trillion next year according to new data from IT research firm Gartner.

Top 5 biggest IT sales growth markets for 2022:

1. Enterprise Software To Grow 11.5%
2022 Spending: $670 Billion
2021 Spending: $601 Billion

Enterprise software (software used to satisfy the needs of an organization) is expected to have the highest growth rate in 2022 at 11.5% year over year, driven by infrastructure software spending continuing to outpace application software spending.

2: IT Services To Grow 8.6%
2022 Spending: $1.29 Trillion
2021 Spending: $1.19 Trillion

IT services are becoming one of the most critical assets a company needs to spend money on in order to keep business afloat. From cybersecurity services to thwart ransomware attacks to enabling customers’ Microsoft software suite, IT services are in high demand for nearly all organizations today as it unlocks the key to digital transformation.

3: Data Center Systems To Grow 5.8%
2022 Spending: $207 Billion
2021 Spending: $196 Billion

The data centre systems market saw little impact from the pandemic as companies invested in a mix of new infrastructure like servers and hyper-converged infrastructure as well as hybrid cloud offerings.
Datacenter systems spending in 2022 will hit $207 billion, representing a 5.8 percent increase year over year.

4. Consumer devices market to grow 2.3%
2022 Spending: $821 Billion
2021 Spending: $802 Billion

Global spending growth on devices reached an all-time high in 2021 as remote work, telehealth and remote learning took hold.
From devices like cameras with data analytics capabilities to millions of Internet of Things (IoT) devices coming online this year, Gartner predicts companies spending money on IT devices won’t slow down in 2022. Worldwide spending on IT devices in 2022 is expected to hit $821 billion.

5: Communications Services To Grow 2.1%
2022 Spending: $1.48 Trillion
2021 Spending: $1.45 Trillion

Although communications services will see the slowest growth rate percentage-wise in 2022 compared to 2021, these services will have the largest total spending levels next year.
Worldwide spending on communications services is projected to reach $1.482 trillion in 2022, representing a growth rate of 2.1 percent year over year. For 2021, Gartner is predicting that the communications services market will hit $1.451 trillion.

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