5 In-demand skills for leaders in the AI era

Do you want to be a leader in the market? Well, it is not that easy if you don’t know the right skills to have.

We are part of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation world that is taking over every industry. Hence, leaders need to know the right skills that they should possess. But it is easier to say. There are many things that the leaders need to keep in mind such as making short-term decisions and long-term decisions while understanding the technical role.

Here are the in-demand leadership skills that one needs to be aware of.

1. Emotional Intelligence
The first and foremost thing that leaders need to keep in mind is to maintain emotional intelligence in the dynamic work environment. Leaders with emotional intelligence skills can help in better human interaction and reducing conflicts.

2. Empathy
The best thing about empathy is that anyone can possess it at any time. Seeing the world from others points of view is not something that is easy but it is essential to establish the truth and develop relationships with employees.

3. Critical and creative thinking
The leaders need to have critical and creative thinking to ensure that they can meet the patterns and see trends. Critical thinking can help in analysing problems and finding the right solutions.

4. Humility
This skill can help in balancing humility and confidence without jeopardizing the team. The leaders need to work on not overestimating the team and ensure that challenges are met to be successful in the market.

5. Intuition
AI can be efficient but there is one thing that puts the win in human beings’ pockets. The professionals can rely on their intuition that can help in making the right decision without evaluating the predictions or long-term patterns.

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India's Largest Tech Community | 4.2 Million+ Developers | Guinness World Record Winner | Limca Book of Records

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