5 Best practices for Python developers to polish their skills

Starting a career in Python is anything but easy. But by following the right practices, it can be possible for the developers.

Python has come out as one of the most popular programming languages that are thriving in the market and have a huge community of developers. However, there is a myth that Python developers need to have years of experience. What they forget is that they have to start somewhere. The developers need to start as beginners to reach the level of working on open-source language, within the community, and sharing knowledge with others.

Here are the best practices that python developers can follow to polish their skills.

1. Documentation and proper comments
The developers need to work on their code by incorporating comments that can help in documentation. Adding the comments can come in handy while working on a specific module in code, understanding the role of a function, and it’s working.

2. Virtual environments
The developer must be able to create a separate environment for python projects as the virtual environment. The developers must be able to use third-party libraries and modules in the project.

3. Well-structured code
The python developers need to work on writing the well-structured and small script with correct indentations, proper names of the modules, and documentation to improve the code’s usability.

4. Modular code
Python developers must work on improving the quality of the codebase in a modular and compact manner. The developers need to work on the collection of functions while writing the code with the repository.

5. Proper naming of classes, variables, modules, and functions
The python developers must understand the importance of writing proper names for the classes, variables, modules, and functions. The name must elaborate about what they can do and how it can be used in the code.




India's Largest Tech Community | 4.2 Million+ Developers | Guinness World Record Winner | Limca Book of Records

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India's Largest Tech Community | 4.2 Million+ Developers | Guinness World Record Winner | Limca Book of Records

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